Mussel Presentation

Educational Programs and Workshops

Slide presentations on mussels, including photographs and illustrations of shells, where mussels live, how they reproduce, and ecological problems comprise part of the educational program.  Karen also brings actual mussel shells to the classroom for hands-on participation.  Informational exhibits have also been made available.  These programs and exhibits have traveled to numerous events within Kansas and to other states, including various water conferences, schools, shell club meetings, and mussel workshops.


Mussel Identification

During the numerous mussel workshops she has attended, Karen has provided assistance and instruction in the area of mussel identification, both in the classroom and in the field.  She maintains a reference mussel collection as a source of comparison materials, as well as for use in illustrations.  Karen has also performed identification work for the Kansas State Historical Society, identifying mollusk material (mussels and snails) removed from Native American excavations.